Me, Too 

Anonymous or not, I am a statistic. You know me: you see me at study breaks, you sit by me in the dining hall, you work on homework with me. But you don’t know what I haven’t told you, even as many of our peers come forward about their own history with sexual assault. 

Readers: Please be aware that the content of this article contains potentially distressing material. 

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Reform or Regress?

BY HANNAH KATES The new sexual harassment policy. A university-wide policy designed to address and combat the issue of sexual assault has run up against a rather sheer wall of opposition within the Harvard community. The comprehensive policy, first unveiled over the summer, garnered media attention after twenty-eight members of the Harvard Law School faculty published a letter in the Boston Globe decrying legal procedures that “lack the most basic elements of fairness and due process.” This sudden upheaval in Harvard’s approach to the issue of sexual harassment is far from unforeseen. The New York Times made plain one driving …

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