Today is Duran Duran Appreciation Day

[youtube=] Take a few minutes of your day to relive your favorite classics (mine is “Save a Prayer”) or discover hidden gems you never even knew existed (like obscure album track “Midnight Sun”). Or you can celebrate by checking out the Fab Five’s new single “Night Runner”, featuring Timbaland and Justin Timberlake. Verdict still isn’t out in this one, but if it makes you feel like giving up forever on the Fab Five, just remember that they’ve come out safe and sound from worse disasters.

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But is Raffaella a Proletarian?

For those of you who don’t know Italian pop star Tiziano Ferro from his infamous Mexican moustache comment, few Italian pop hipsters know the wrath of the Latin American market like Tiziano does (just ask the myriad paparazzi that made millions selling photoshopped pictures of Tiziano with a moustache to Univisión). In an effort to avoid the controversy, however, Tiziano might be treading dangerously close to riling up the protest-prone Cuban exile community in the US. In his new single, “E Raffaela é Mia” (“And Raffaella is Mine”), Ferro croons, “Ho girato il Latin America: Cuba, Messico, Argentina”- “I have …

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Petros Live In Front of the Holyoke Center: A Life-Changing Experience

[youtube=] I have several confessions to make (some more obvious than others): For one, I’m a sucker for anything Greek, from Demosthenes to Despina Vandi, Thucydides to Tzatziki. I’m convinced that part of the reason why the Spanish monarchy is so awesome is that Queen Sofia is Greek- and, therefore, so is HRH Prince Felipe (I have another confession to make on the side: I’ve always wanted to refer to someone in an article as HRH). It’s the reason I’m currently finishing up my second year of Modern Greek here at Harvard. I also can’t resist catchy Euro pop trash- …

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