Words A Poem By ABIGAIL JADE KOERNER   Journal writing is for quiet If I don’t the words will spin in my head I repeat them like twirling on a dance floor I don’t want to forget them So I repeat them and repeat them and It’s like the pounding of a keyboard. They echo like Trains sound in tunnels Brass instruments in a theater with the right walls I like it when the words stop moving When I Sit down and put on headphones Sounds of music replace the Hollow rhythm of repetition Words swirling from brain to page …

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Pruned A Poem By AIDAN FITZSIMMONS   Figurine trees pose in the college yard, unclimbable, unfurling branches just above human reach, ungraspable. Today I studied one, circling softly, squirrel mind loud, searching for those subtle stairs only simians sense. They should be there; instead, there’s only stark featureless bark and dead gnarled nubs, wood belly buttons where life would tree, neutered for fear; would we become aware of our freedom, foolishly climbing by tree will, fleeing the godlike shears? But even those amputated limbs stay as stumps unscaled, for the true pruning leaves no trace but a bare, “perfect” trunk, …

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A Brief History of Time

A Brief History of Time A Poem By JOSE ESPINEL The beginning spilled light. And helium. And time. Across the newborn plane These raced to fill the void And this process we know Is natural. The glass says so, When spilled sideways and Unless the vintage is good You’ll never hear me complain. Also no one denies that Given enough time (And inconsiderate housemates), Wine dries all red and brittle and stains. Time’s next step – the one that persists In the absence of a mop-armed god Is a wine stain on the floor of the universe: An era where …

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Onwards and Forwards

Onwards and Forwards A Poem By ANA LUIZA NICOLAE     Up and down and up and down It goes all round   Comes and goes Through joy and woes Its spinning never stops   On Earth so far the sky above The rift just flown over by doves Like the cycle of the crops   The sphere is never altered The life has never faltered And there it shall go on   To pain, to maim With love, to aim True life is never squandered   Safe those who laugh That cow is yet not calf And life cannot …

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The Price

The Price By Remedy Ryan   The tourists trampled the sunflower field for the perfect Instagram shot The field reduced to useless, golden ruins   Remember when we were born? Our mothers cried for us then Little fools To think that beauty could exist Without pain   One winter night we rubbed each other’s hands until they turned raw I didn’t know it then But you were already gone   How much time will l spend in front of the mirror? Becoming something worth ruining— again

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Everything is in the air: A Poem

(A poetical study of what we inhale)  By: ANA NICOLAE It’s all in the air Fumes, body, soul Your breath stagnates the atmospheres of people  Your body disintegrates  in particles of dust Your soul pollutes  the heavenly skies And yet you breathe And yet you grow And yet you die Whatever comes to be Innovation and profanity Through clean air you can see Through nothingness apparent We are going blind  Seeing white clouds of hazard Mistaken for cold breaths in winter Whatever comes to be Process or energy Through clean air we still see Air atop air in concentric cycles An …

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Phoney Friend

By Abigail Jade Koerner Remember when we used to read? Now, between every page I see I check up on my Instagram feed Real faces smile back at me Not the faces my mind wanted them to be Can’t see clearly The words become blurred Time ticks away My phone battery dwindles just like every single day As I sit in silence with my old friend Phone Whose constant companionship feels like home The two of us: like yin and yang Changed my home and lock screen to a photo that I should hang But my walls are bare And …

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A Poem By Remedy Ryan   It’s too early in the year to wear jackets so we rub each others shoulders as the wind whistles past A year older now we know where we are headed but we still whine about the long walk   You’re hit with the saline smell as you push yourself into the crowd your hair sticking to strangers’ skin A second ago you were shivering outside and now you wonder why you are here until an old friend pulls you into her arms   Your feet start to move to the hum of the speakers …

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To Sophomores,

To Sophomores, Let’s dump the sophomore slump Rip it from our chests and throw it to the ground   Take the lighter from your pocket and set it ablaze Get inspired by the flame   Take a torch and go Let inspiration illuminate your path   Keep feeding the fire With your dreams and desires   And leave a trail of ashes for freshmen to follow.     Jaycee Yegher ’21 (jayceeyegher@college.harvard.edu) is a kid from Darnestown, MD who is now a Sophomore at Harvard.

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