The Roommate Agreement

By ALAYA AYALA   I woke up with a wild gasp, sitting bolt upright in my seat and frantically trying to figure out where I was. For a moment I was all panic as I realized I wasn’t in my bedroom, in fact, I was in a room surrounding by unfamiliar people, many of whom were watching me curiously. I couldn’t breathe, my heart pounding as I tried to understand what was going on. As if a lens had suddenly fallen over my vision, I realized where I was and ducked my head in shame. I’d fallen asleep in the …

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Spotlight: New Harvard Women’s Lacrosse Head Coach Devon Mills

By JILLY CRONIN   Last  summer, Devon Wills joined the Harvard Athletics family as the new Women’s Lacrosse Head Coach. Before coming to Harvard, Coach Wills was a coach at the University of Southern California for six years, where she has served as assistant head coach for the past three years. Coach Wills has been a goalie for the U.S. National Team since 2007 and holds three World Championships. Originally an Ivy Leaguer herself, Coach Wills graduated from Dartmouth in 2006 after serving as starting goalie for four years. In her time at Dartmouth, she was voted second team All-America …

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To Sophomores,

To Sophomores, Let’s dump the sophomore slump Rip it from our chests and throw it to the ground   Take the lighter from your pocket and set it ablaze Get inspired by the flame   Take a torch and go Let inspiration illuminate your path   Keep feeding the fire With your dreams and desires   And leave a trail of ashes for freshmen to follow.     Jaycee Yegher ’21 ([email protected]) is a kid from Darnestown, MD who is now a Sophomore at Harvard.

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“The ABC’s of Non-Consent” and Why We Need to Talk About Rape Culture NOW

By ABIGAIL JADE KOERNER In the wake of Judge Kavanaugh’s hearing, issues of sexual consent are especially poignant. It is our job to educate young people about the significance of consent in sexual encounters at every age. This education should start early in a person’s life so every encounter they have as they grow older is respectful. Consent education can happen at home, at school, and elsewhere but it is important that those who facilitate difficult conversations on the topic of sexual consent do so with proper tools for understanding. Ilene B. Price—designer, mother, and author from Livingston, New Jersey—recently …

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Future of Student Organizations

by TUSHAR DWIVEDI   The headlines for student organizations at Harvard have recently centered around key buzzwords such as sanctions or efficiency, with much debate revolving around the identity and purpose of such organizations.   Given recent controversies, when asked about “what they envisioned Harvard’s campus life to be like, given the latest news and coverage of the school,” one out-of-state respondent believed it to be a “highly political fighting ground between student desires and the whims of Harvard’s administration.” Those on campus, however have a completely different viewpoint.   One major campus organization leader, however, mentioned that: “Our club …

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Rainbow Scales and Special Leaves

Some thoughts on childhood, stress, and college.   By ALAYA AYALA   Recently, I’ve been living for these text posts that I see on my social media feeds all the time. They’re like concentrated shots of relatable content that I can take less than five seconds to swallow. Sometimes they burn on the way down. Sometimes they leave an aftertaste. The really good ones leave me breathless for hours from laughing – or crying. Maybe it’s because I’m a lightweight when it comes to the truth.   The other day I saw a post about children’s books that really messed …

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A Fog-Picture

By OLIVIA FARRAR It’s early September. The weather is unpredictable, oscillating between oppressively hot and unexpectedly bitter. On Thursday I huff and puff into class with sweat-stains on my backpack, and on Friday I go back to my little dorm room at night, close all my windows, turn off my two turbo-fans, and pull the comforter down from where I tucked it in the back of my closet. Since the weather is so melodramatically inconsistent, it’s a favorite topic in the dining halls, public restrooms, and the corridors between classrooms. Yes, the temperature is cold today—you’re right, it was hot …

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The Best Tree in Harvard Yard

First Treetise By AIDAN FITZSIMONS     Buckle up, beeches— I’m about to treet myself.   It’s my favorite activity and about 30% of my identity. Whenever I’m feeling a bit grim about the mouth, I look around for a nice tree to climb into, and it never fails to leaf me happy. Some trees are mainly for perching, reading, and people-watching; some trees are a tantalizing challenge just to get up into; and some trees are great for climbing really, really high. I am intimately familiar with almost every climbable tree around Harvard, although I’m constantly discovering more. I’m …

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By JASPER FU   The 2018 Atlantic cup was hosted by Harvard Polo Club this past week and pitted the athletic prowess, dedication, and horsemanship of four teams – American and English – against each other. Harvard, Yale, Oxford, and Cambridge gathered Thursday through Sunday to play in nine total matches at the historic Myopia polo club of Hamilton, MA. The final match of the 2018 Atlantic Cup saw Oxford and Harvard facing each other across the length of a 300-yard field. The crisp air and cloudy sky over Gibney Field blanketed the spectators as they set up tents, tables, …


Liberal (Arts) Education

And why it needs challenging. By EMILY HALL   There was a time when the term “liberal” signified freedom.   A liberal arts education is meant to allow us to freely explore the arts and sciences, while a handful of requirements mandates that we actually do explore. This educational model has served me and many of my fellow students well—I often hear stories of favorite courses people only discovered in pursuit of a general education requirement.   But what about a liberal education? Instead of promoting freedom of inquiry, today’s inescapably liberal higher education stifles debate, kills discourse, and massacres …

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