2019 Fall Comp

Want to join the Indy? Here’s what to do:

First things first – come to a storyboard meeting (Mondays in Boylston)! If you’re interested in comping, you can also fill out this form, and we’ll be in touch with more information about our first meetings.

Once you’ve decided which role you’d like to comp, we’ll help you hit these requirements:


  1. 3 articles on your own topic and 2 researched articles on assigned topic
    For articles to count towards the comp process, they must be of publishable quality

    700-800 words with photos or illustrations (aim for photos)
    900-1000 words without photos

  2. Edit at least 2 articles with your editor
  3. Attend every storyboard meeting (Mondays in the yard)
  4. Attend social events (optional – but why wouldn’t you want to?)


  1. All Design compers:
    1. Complete 5 Design projects assigned by your editor
    2. Draw and design an issue cover
    3. Innovate! Be creative!
    4. Attend production meetings and at least 3 storyboard meetings
    5. Attend social comp events (again, highly recommended!)
  2. Photographers:
    1. Cover at least 4 events that go with a story
    2. Take stock photos from around Cambridge and/or Boston
  3. Illustrators:
    1. Illustrate at least five issues


  1. Do at least 2 social media shifts per week (hour shifts where you update online content)
  2. Tweet blurbs for each week’s articles
  3. Attend every production meeting and at least 3 storyboard meetings
  4. Attend social comp events (we don’t bite!)


  1. Sell at least $500 in ads OR attend all three cold-calling shifts
  2. Spend at least two hours working on alumni database
  3. Attend every storyboard meeting
  4. Attend social events!