Comp The Indy

How do I Comp?

Come to one of our several comp meetings at the beginning of each semester to learn about our comp requirements. Keep a lookout for a posting on our website regarding the time and date of our Comp meeting.

About the Comp Process:

At the Indy, we believe that Harvard students with the desire to write, who have something to say, deserve a respected outlet where their opinions, ideas, observations, and jokes can be read. We do not chose our writers based on social adeptness or level of pretension. We aren’t gong to try and act snobby or put on a show. And no, we won’t drink red wine and smoke a cigarette as we sit in a throne and tell you the history of our club.

Here at the Indy, we’re looking for real journalists, real writers, Harvard students who are passionate about what they see and feel and hear, and who want a platform to express it. Our comp process is serious, we’re a real paper, and you’ll have to write and edit and write again, but it isn’t a show, and we won’t pretend to be something we’re not. Here at the Indy, we’re about the students. We believe that you, your words, your thoughts, your humor, are what make our paper so unique. So, if you want to make the best friends of your life, if you want to laugh, and drink, and argue, and most of all, write, then the Indy is place for you. Comp the Indy!

Since its founding in 1969, the Harvard Independent has served as a consistent outlet for student-generated ideas. This tradition is still at the heart of the organization today. Whether your interests lie in writing or business or design, the newspaper allows you to identify areas of interest and run with your ideas. We emphasize a writer-driven approach to generating content; we strive for an entrepreneurial business environment; and we foster creativity of layout and design in each issue we publish.

What should I Comp?

The short answer is: whatever you want!

Whether you’re a seasoned writer and expert artist, or have never picked up a newspaper in your life, the Indy is a great place to learn about college journalism in all of its evolving forms. We’re here for beginners, innovators, creators, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists – we’re here for people, and we’re here for you. So, if something seems interesting, go for it. Seriously.

You can get a feel for our sections here: Comp ForumComp NewsComp ArtsComp Sports, Comp Business, Comp Design and Illustration, Comp the Indy Blog