Ode to the Delphic Basement

In this Ode I will describe how I banged a Chode It was not long but instead short But oh boy did it release a quart On my face his nectar splashed Before my eyes he gouch flashed In front of my mouth, his gargantuan balls hung With delicacy and grace they received my tongue The Dirty D lived up to its name his bush was nearly impossible to tame I fucked fucked and fucked some more The couch the bar and even the floor And alas I still want some more I guess I am the Delphic whore.

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Sitting Down With Sex Items

What do the banana and condom have to say. In honor of sex week, The Indy took the liberty of interviewing a pair that’s been around the block. (The sex block. As if we’d talk about any other kind.) I sat down in Boloco with a big, hot burrito and veteran sex-ed instructors Banana and Condom to get their take on all things awkward and latex. Lauren Covalucci: Thanks for meeting up! I’m curious: how did you get involved in sex education? Banana: Growing up I never saw myself in sex work. But when I started getting ripe I looked …

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Welcome to the 2008 Sex Issue!

Dear readers, Contrary to popular belief, Harvard is one scandalous place. The geeky girl across from you in the dining hall slips on a pink mesh thong every morning, and that steady thump you heard upstairs last night wasn’t just your entryway tutor tossing volume after volume of In Search of Lost Time on the floor. Oh wait — we’re thinking of BU (except for the Proust part). On campus, Sex and the Ivy fights True Love Revolution for the spotlight. Some of us are sexual lions, flaunting skin shamelessly around the Yard as soon as the sun comes out. Others are …

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Fantasies, Fetishes, and Harvard’s Hottest Professors

Survey respondents reveal their deepest secrets. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SEX TOY OR ACCESSORY? leather belt huge dildo – his name is Randy warming massage gel candle wax gerbil jammer The Rabbit vibrator ropes or other restraining devices extended-pleasure condoms vibrating cock ring blindfold FleshJack whipped cream Principles of Economics, 3rd Edition a vagina nipple clamps the internet my dick frozen grapes WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SEX TERM? teabagging dolphin Santorum donkey punch blumpkin: getting a blowjob while pooping queef rusty trombone: getting a rim job while being jerked off the shocker dirty sanchez motorboating: this act consists of someone …

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