In the Rain

By Abigail Koerner   It’s raining always when I’m with you And not because I’m feeling blue It’s raining raining And I can’t see I squint my eyes – there’s you and me Singing and dancing Kissing in the rain I said my favorite place was solitude But that was insane! Insane like puddles splashing Water drip drops down my face You are my favorite place But my heart will still race Love the chase Abigail Koerner ’21 (

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An Open Letter to Writers of Textbooks

Dear Sir or Madam,   I have just finished your most recent book, and found it to be just the thing for me.  The text was clear, the examples were useful, and it was required reading for my course, so there was that as well.  There was just one problem.   Do you see what I did there?  That’s what it feels like when you’re reading along, following the logic, and then, right after the final point is made, it just stops.  The argument might be finished, but, from a reader’s perspective, it’s incredibly jarring just to have a last …

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The End is Near! … For Shopping Week

BY Jilly Cronin As the end of the semester approaches, many students begin to reflect on the past three months and wonder whether it has lived up to their expectations. One of the many aspects of our experiences on which students begin to reflect are the courses – especially since Monday, when the school announced that Q had officially opened. When reflecting on courses, students often compare their actual experience and enjoyment of the class to what they had expected when enrolling in the course at the end of Shopping Week. And, to the disappointment of most students, this may …

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What’s Really at Stake

By Tushar Dwivedi   In the modern day era, sports events oftentimes incite a wide variety of journalistic pieces, ranging from ESPN’s live, explicitly factual injury and score updates to reactions and commentary both in and post-game on major media outlets. Simultaneously, social media provides an open and widespread outlet for any individual to entertain others while gathering and spreading information. This exchange of information, however, is oftentimes immediate and reactionary, appealing to those who want to comment on events that happen live, and contains little proof or verification. Speculation, gossip, misinformation and prediction are rampant across platforms such as …

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In case you never made it….

  By Graham Walter Harvard’s late rise in the Game this year reminded many of the late comeback made 50 years ago in 1968 to tie the score. The historical significance of that game is one many at Harvard take for granted, but it was no doubt the main event going on for all of Cambridge back in the day. Between Vietnam, the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy, and the unrest from Yale admitting their first class of women, the nationally ranked Yale team and the undefeated Harvard had plenty of distractions outside the field.   …

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Your Goose Is Cooked

It’s time to publicly shame our peers. By AIDAN FITZSIMONS   This article is going to ruffle some feathers.   The Ivy League Meme page is full of memes poking gentle fun at wearers of the Canada Goose jackets which are so ubiquitous at places like Harvard when it gets cold. These memes indicate a general understanding of how ridiculous this phenomenon is, yet they also normalize it. As a community, Harvard still supports the wearers of these $1000 jackets. We talk to friends every day who wear them, and say nothing antagonistic. After all, these are our friends. We …

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Classes I Wish I Could Shop

Some musings on the things Harvard Professors can’t teach you   By ALAYA AYALA   The week after Thanksgiving is often the week when all hell starts to break loose for Harvard college students. Suddenly every essay is due, final projects are in the works, and Reading Period is just around the corner. Procrastinating is probably one of the main causes of stress during this time. Unfortunately, however, that doesn’t stop me from doing it.   During one of these fits of procrastination, I decided to start looking at classes that I could shop for next year. I found myself …

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Untitled Poetry

Untitled I By Jose   Forgive me, Gentle paramour, For showing you how Soft lead remains yet lead And how iron at a distance Appears liable to indention, Welcoming a hand to an altogether Unpliable surface. My deceit made so similar By unwilling nature of the thing, I hope you are merciful enough to realize No hard thing means to feel soft At distance   Untitled II By Jose So many nights I’d branded myself Mycenaean And wondered in silence Whether Helen might visit my dreams If I walked down Allenby Street And continued into the sea. I swore I’d …

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