Engi-Queering: To Be SEAS but Not Heard 

By HUNTER RICHARDS    Engineering is hard. Struggling with your identity is hard. Navigating how you fit into the engineering community as a whole is hard. Not relating to the majority of your classmates, professors, or leaders in your field …

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Me, Too 

Anonymous or not, I am a statistic. You know me: you see me at study breaks, you sit by me in the dining hall, you work on homework with me. But you don’t know what I haven’t told you, even as many of our peers come forward about their own history with sexual assault. 

Readers: Please be aware that the content of this article contains potentially distressing material. 

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The Best Part  

By JASPER FU    I always loved the best part of travelling to San Francisco  of bouncing impatiently in a rattling SUV   down a rattling highway  a child eager and in search of the pastel houses and twisting streets  are we there yet, Dad  that mark the City.    Perhaps it has not the cobblestone gravitas of the Old World  the spiraling modernity of Tokyo  the cozy warmth of brick buildings blanketed in Northeastern snow  the storied glory of Rome or Greece  still, it has its own charm.    Here the fog rolls in to make day brisk  for all the …

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A Fearless Female and Fragments on the Fringes of Language 

A short feature on America’s first National Youth Poet Laureate and Harvard sophomore, Amanda Gorman.  By CLAIRE PARK    Speaking with exuberant energy and a measured musicality, Amanda Gorman rifles through her latest journal, a treasure trove of what she …

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