A Letter From Donostia

A Letter From Donostia A Poem By JOSE ESPINEL   Someone weeps alone in the dark. That’s how morning broke at camp: Vince or one of the other boys Announcing fully in tears The advent of the worst pox Adam willed us at age Ten – To be motherless and far from home.   When we first met The mountains in Summer, The sight of the lone thunderhead Through a dew-stained window Lingering to scatter the thinning mist or – The crescendo of bird-song As the forest warms up to the day Bound us to our cots; Bid us to …

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The Price

The Price By Remedy Ryan   The tourists trampled the sunflower field for the perfect Instagram shot The field reduced to useless, golden ruins   Remember when we were born? Our mothers cried for us then Little fools To think that beauty could exist Without pain   One winter night we rubbed each other’s hands until they turned raw I didn’t know it then But you were already gone   How much time will l spend in front of the mirror? Becoming something worth ruining— again

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In the Rain

By Abigail Koerner   It’s raining always when I’m with you And not because I’m feeling blue It’s raining raining And I can’t see I squint my eyes – there’s you and me Singing and dancing Kissing in the rain I said my favorite place was solitude But that was insane! Insane like puddles splashing Water drip drops down my face You are my favorite place But my heart will still race Love the chase Abigail Koerner ’21 ([email protected])

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Untitled Poetry

Untitled I By Jose   Forgive me, Gentle paramour, For showing you how Soft lead remains yet lead And how iron at a distance Appears liable to indention, Welcoming a hand to an altogether Unpliable surface. My deceit made so similar By unwilling nature of the thing, I hope you are merciful enough to realize No hard thing means to feel soft At distance   Untitled II By Jose So many nights I’d branded myself Mycenaean And wondered in silence Whether Helen might visit my dreams If I walked down Allenby Street And continued into the sea. I swore I’d …

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Everything is in the air: A Poem

(A poetical study of what we inhale)  By: ANA NICOLAE It’s all in the air Fumes, body, soul Your breath stagnates the atmospheres of people  Your body disintegrates  in particles of dust Your soul pollutes  the heavenly skies And yet you breathe And yet you grow And yet you die Whatever comes to be Innovation and profanity Through clean air you can see Through nothingness apparent We are going blind  Seeing white clouds of hazard Mistaken for cold breaths in winter Whatever comes to be Process or energy Through clean air we still see Air atop air in concentric cycles An …

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Warming Warning

A public climate art sculpture By ANA NICOLAE What in the world is that? Officially it’s an ‘’educational installation at Harvard University that combines science, art and environmental design to communicate global climate change data’’. The designers, Harvard Bullard Fellow David Buckley Borden and Harvard Forest Senior Ecologist Aaron Ellison, have created a quite intuitive piece of modern art. Upon the inaugural event for the opening of the art installation in the Harvard Common Spaces, in front of the Smith Campus center, Aaron Ellison was explaining how the structure has been made to reflect light in a manner particularly pleasing …

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The Fading Days of a Crumbling Empire

by Remedy Ryan I felt a pang of longing but maybe it was just hunger I felt a flash of anger but maybe it just was Maybe you should eat something I thought I was falling in love but maybe I was just falling I thought I could get to the bottom of it but maybe there is no end in sight Maybe if I just lie here long enough my body will stop aching   I thought I knew my own feelings but maybe there was no room left for them in this burning building anyway Maybe I am …

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Phoney Friend

By Abigail Jade Koerner Remember when we used to read? Now, between every page I see I check up on my Instagram feed Real faces smile back at me Not the faces my mind wanted them to be Can’t see clearly The words become blurred Time ticks away My phone battery dwindles just like every single day As I sit in silence with my old friend Phone Whose constant companionship feels like home The two of us: like yin and yang Changed my home and lock screen to a photo that I should hang But my walls are bare And …

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Overnight Dreaming

A Poem By Remedy Ryan and Abigail Koerner   Your arms feel like a long-lost sweater I knew I would find I am not any kind of perfect But I am warm and I am alive and so are you   “Tu tump” is Italian and my heart hits boom I said I don’t use onomatopoeia But sometimes don’t is also do You turn nouns to verbs And my brain doesn’t quite work When I’m thinking about you   My name is a word too But it still can’t fix the mirror I’m naked in a glassy field My desire …

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