“Honk! Street Musicians attempt to Blast Students out of Harvard Bubble”

by Tushar Dwivedi Through the nooks and crannies of Harvard Square, the echoes of HONK! brought cheer to a subdued, lazy Sunday afternoon. From Reggae themed street music to Edward Jones booths, the fair dominating the small region offered a different delight for everyone. HONK! itself is a self-described movement, with the purpose of combining a diverse flavor of international musical styles with intrinsic themes deriving from the American South. With the stated purpose of “inciting discussion” and “using music to inspire,” Harvard Square was alight with the fervor of passionate musicians and fathers trying to chase down over-excited children. …

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Work of the Week: Cleanna Crabill

By Abigail Koerner   On a Thursday afternoon, clad in an off the shoulder denim dress and dangly yellow earrings, Cleanna told the story of her life, artistic foundations, and vision for her future. Cleanna is a Senior in Adams House studying VES. When she was applying to colleges, her top pick school was not Harvard, but rather the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. Her plan to follow her father’s footsteps and attend MBI were interrupted when she was rejected. Instead, Cleanna came to Harvard intending to study Government. When she came to Cambridge, she joined what she referred to …

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A Poem By Remedy Ryan   It’s too early in the year to wear jackets so we rub each others shoulders as the wind whistles past A year older now we know where we are headed but we still whine about the long walk   You’re hit with the saline smell as you push yourself into the crowd your hair sticking to strangers’ skin A second ago you were shivering outside and now you wonder why you are here until an old friend pulls you into her arms   Your feet start to move to the hum of the speakers …

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To Sophomores,

To Sophomores, Let’s dump the sophomore slump Rip it from our chests and throw it to the ground   Take the lighter from your pocket and set it ablaze Get inspired by the flame   Take a torch and go Let inspiration illuminate your path   Keep feeding the fire With your dreams and desires   And leave a trail of ashes for freshmen to follow.     Jaycee Yegher ’21 ([email protected]) is a kid from Darnestown, MD who is now a Sophomore at Harvard.

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“The ABC’s of Non-Consent” and Why We Need to Talk About Rape Culture NOW

By ABIGAIL JADE KOERNER In the wake of Judge Kavanaugh’s hearing, issues of sexual consent are especially poignant. It is our job to educate young people about the significance of consent in sexual encounters at every age. This education should start early in a person’s life so every encounter they have as they grow older is respectful. Consent education can happen at home, at school, and elsewhere but it is important that those who facilitate difficult conversations on the topic of sexual consent do so with proper tools for understanding. Ilene B. Price—designer, mother, and author from Livingston, New Jersey—recently …

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A Fog-Picture

By OLIVIA FARRAR It’s early September. The weather is unpredictable, oscillating between oppressively hot and unexpectedly bitter. On Thursday I huff and puff into class with sweat-stains on my backpack, and on Friday I go back to my little dorm room at night, close all my windows, turn off my two turbo-fans, and pull the comforter down from where I tucked it in the back of my closet. Since the weather is so melodramatically inconsistent, it’s a favorite topic in the dining halls, public restrooms, and the corridors between classrooms. Yes, the temperature is cold today—you’re right, it was hot …

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 10.07.2016 My favorite color used to be the white of The virgin snow peacefully resting atop A mountain in the Andes, or maybe the Alps Untouched by our species   But then I left the South in June And came North where the snow was long gone The warmer air gifting every color with a new life Yet slaughtering the apple of my eye   So I looked up to the cloudless sky Bereft of white, an indigo sea And, deprived of my dearest hue, readied myself To choose a new protégé   From the light blue of the velvet …

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My fault, my fault, my most grievous fault

A poem By REMEDY RYAN You can touch the cross around your neck all you want When has that ever saved anybody? Some days I kneel   and all I can feel is the strain in my spine and the carpet burn on my knees as I look up at the eucharist this is the body that was given up for you and wonder if I’ve ever believed anything all the way wonder when I started to think it was okay to wear shorts to church but hoc est corpus meum and if Jesus knows anything about this body then …

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Work of the Week

Worlds Teresa Rokos (2015) Acrylic and sharpie on canvas These three paintings are a series I did in my senior year of high school for my AP studio art portfolio. The idea was to represent the same thing in two different ways simultaneously, as it is seen or used or presented in different worlds. I hoped the contrast would highlight either the beauty or ugliness of the various forms, and I often used a modified self-portrait to represent the “first world” I knew so well. The first painting depicts facial markings. While visually similar, one set of markings is part …

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Brain Peace

A Poem By ABIGAIL KOERNER   Brain peace when I got what I wanted And had what had to be had and Done and did. Brain peace because Each step should be a leap and Each hill a mountain when I’m climbing up! “Take me away,” I’d ask But there is nothing to take In the deep, dark hole of a woman Where I sat and hugged my knees to my chest. Trapped in a bubble that I blew myself after Chewing and smacking that same piece of gum for hours… Until it finally popped. Then, I was just sitting. …

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