The Price

The Price By Remedy Ryan   The tourists trampled the sunflower field for the perfect Instagram shot The field reduced to useless, golden ruins   Remember when we were born? Our mothers cried for us then Little fools To think that beauty could exist Without pain   One winter night we rubbed each other’s hands until they turned raw I didn’t know it then But you were already gone   How much time will l spend in front of the mirror? Becoming something worth ruining— again

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The Fading Days of a Crumbling Empire

by Remedy Ryan I felt a pang of longing but maybe it was just hunger I felt a flash of anger but maybe it just was Maybe you should eat something I thought I was falling in love but maybe I was just falling I thought I could get to the bottom of it but maybe there is no end in sight Maybe if I just lie here long enough my body will stop aching   I thought I knew my own feelings but maybe there was no room left for them in this burning building anyway Maybe I am …

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Overnight Dreaming

A Poem By Remedy Ryan and Abigail Koerner   Your arms feel like a long-lost sweater I knew I would find I am not any kind of perfect But I am warm and I am alive and so are you   “Tu tump” is Italian and my heart hits boom I said I don’t use onomatopoeia But sometimes don’t is also do You turn nouns to verbs And my brain doesn’t quite work When I’m thinking about you   My name is a word too But it still can’t fix the mirror I’m naked in a glassy field My desire …

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A Poem By Remedy Ryan   It’s too early in the year to wear jackets so we rub each others shoulders as the wind whistles past A year older now we know where we are headed but we still whine about the long walk   You’re hit with the saline smell as you push yourself into the crowd your hair sticking to strangers’ skin A second ago you were shivering outside and now you wonder why you are here until an old friend pulls you into her arms   Your feet start to move to the hum of the speakers …

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My fault, my fault, my most grievous fault

A poem By REMEDY RYAN You can touch the cross around your neck all you want When has that ever saved anybody? Some days I kneel   and all I can feel is the strain in my spine and the carpet burn on my knees as I look up at the eucharist this is the body that was given up for you and wonder if I’ve ever believed anything all the way wonder when I started to think it was okay to wear shorts to church but hoc est corpus meum and if Jesus knows anything about this body then …

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“You thought you were done with this didn’t you?” You think as you pull yourself off the icy road and hobble into your dorm On the eve of your 19th birthday Pull out the hydrogen peroxide and watch it sizzle on your knee Somehow closer to nine than nineteen   The child in you has always sat close to the surface Blood, ready to ooze out of a fresh wound You’ll remember this later   When you grin At the off-key rendition of the birthday song Even a year into adulthood You still need them to sing Still need the …

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