To Sophomores,

To Sophomores, Let’s dump the sophomore slump Rip it from our chests and throw it to the ground   Take the lighter from your pocket and set it ablaze Get inspired by the flame   Take a torch and go Let inspiration illuminate your path   Keep feeding the fire With your dreams and desires   And leave a trail of ashes for freshmen to follow.     Jaycee Yegher ’21 ([email protected]) is a kid from Darnestown, MD who is now a Sophomore at Harvard.

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Why Choose Harvard?

By JAYCEE YEGHER As the lucky few kids open acceptance letters from Harvard, they are probably opening acceptance letters from other elite institutions as well. Why choose Harvard? Here’s what some of our current freshmen had to say… “Harvard had way better financial aid and more study abroad opportunities than my state school. And because it’s Harvard!” – Benazir Neree “One, it’s literally the best school. Two, they offered me the best financial aid. Three, I genuine believed that Harvard would offer me personally the most diverse, fulfilling academic and social experience.” – Samantha Gamble “With the Berklee dual enrollment …

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