Sex Survey

Sex Survey Quotes and Highlights   Tell us your most awkward sexual experience I pulled up to the dude’s apartment and he opens the door in just a leather harness. During my first college hookup, my partner came on my shirt (that was still on) after I touched his penis for about 5 seconds. When I returned to my room, my roommate asked me if I had jizz on my shirt. My “dirty talk” was so bad that my partner started laughing and I was so embarrassed that I cried. 2 bottoms don’t make a top A one time hookup …

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On Polyamory

On Polyamory A word— or, a few words— about polyamory. By Alex Gaskarth   I think I realized I was polyamorous near the end of last term. It had been a wild term, and I had been having a lot of sex, with a lot of different people. I had been absolutely addicted to Tinder, and I increasingly loved both the thrill of becoming intimate with someone new and the pleasure that comes with cultivating and deepening an existing relationship. For a while, I simply thought of myself as a bit of a slut, something to feel guilty about; I …

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Rêverie For C.   The Athenians enjoyed The strategic luxury of the acropolis. Likely not by chance – But by design they huddled The heart of ancient leadership about One tremendous stone.   Crowned with their temple, The daily penance was Up a mighty slope which I presume Tested the fortitude of the pious, And children’s courage, Among the other things.   As an economist, I worry myself Often with spillovers: The unseen consequence on the other – The unplanned and, The eventuality.   This “other thing” that Athens – In a singular wisdom capable of: Cleisthenes’ birth, And provisions …

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Baby I’m smokin’ a cigarette

Baby I’m smokin’ a cigarette Short Story By ANONYMOUS   “Baby I’m smokin’ a cigarette.” The text glows on the screen of your phone, lighting up the dark bedroom. It’s midnight—well past your bedtime before morning practice. She told you after the third Last Cigarette that this was it. She told you that she was finally ready on her own, finally ready to start good habits and be an adult. The thing about Lennon is that she makes a lot of promises. Most promises are well-meaning and hopeful, but empty. Other promises come with a catch: after next week I’ll do …

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Me, Too 

Anonymous or not, I am a statistic. You know me: you see me at study breaks, you sit by me in the dining hall, you work on homework with me. But you don’t know what I haven’t told you, even as many of our peers come forward about their own history with sexual assault. 

Readers: Please be aware that the content of this article contains potentially distressing material. 

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This Time Next Year 

I will snap my driver’s license in two and try to forget  where it came from. I won’t smile in my next photo.  I will stop being palatable to the apparatus of the state   and adopt a new state to tell myself I’m safe   in this body. My hands are still sticky with honey   drawn in the shape of the Battle of San Jacinto  on a biscuit in 2005. I will wash them off   in the Rio Grande and leave my footprints   among the ancient snakes and fossils   and someone might remember I was never   supposed to be here in the first place.   This time next year I will head …

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This Time Last Year 

I wandered around a hospital parking lot blasting  that one Mountain Goats song on repeat  at 3:30 in the morning. This time last year   I chain smoked along the Charles  trying to suck out the thing that didn’t necessarily  claw at my insides but scratched   every now and again just to remind me   it was there. Sometimes I wake up coughing blood  and wonder what damage has been done  overnight. Sometimes I stain my sheets  and don’t remember how all this blood  got inside me in the first place. I wandered around  that hospital parking lot because  they said that something broke inside her blood,  and I figured I had extra she could …

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An Ode to My Goldman Sachs Lover

Dearest Finance bro For tonight, and tonight alone, make me your corporate hoe. I can see you’re from a bulge bracket And tonight I hope your bulge makes a racket. I like to keep a diversified portfolio So through my bedroom many of your kind go. But you best take a long position in your stock Or little attention will be received by your cock. I’ve always enjoyed liquidity in my assets So let’s do some double entry accounting with no ragrets; Keep going down on me until it makes you feel cheap And I’ll buy you up so you’re …

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Embrace All

Heteronormativity in cultural organizations at Harvard. By ANONYMOUS Cultural organizations at Harvard support the well-being of our community in many ways. They foster a sense of home for students of similar backgrounds; they provide safe space to talk about issues related to racial and ethnic identity. But at times, social constructs and norms from home permeate into these very organizations at Harvard. Heteronormativity is one of them. I have yet to see a case of active discrimination or blatant homophobia within these cultural organizations. I would like to believe that we are all sensible Harvard students who don’t form misjudgments …

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YOU HAVE TO GO FULL LESBIAN VAMPIRE you say, breath ghosting warm against the burgundy butterflies we will discover in the mirror later   i swear it’s the oxytocin but we are long past things making sense, and   maybe we are just tired: maybe we just want to be small and gentle and sleep, back to chest, ocean tide breaths carrying us through the wide quiet night