Letter From the Editor

The Harvard Independent is Harvard’s oldest student weekly. We were founded in 1969 amidst the waves of student protest and rebellion as a publication that would represent the voices of the undergraduate population and provide an alternative perspective on the various issues affecting the Harvard community. The Harvard Independent, affectionately known as the Indy, continues that mission today.

We write high quality, well-researched articles that pull back the curtain on what it means to be part of the Harvard community. We write stories that offer alternative perspectives to the mainstream publications on campus. When we say ‘alternative perspectives’ we do not mean we back away from real issues or pander to what our readers want to hear; instead, we offer the real, unique viewpoints of the diverse independent minds of the student body, which are not traditionally seen as the ‘Harvard Perspective.’ We write from angles that aim to shed light on aspects of Harvard that other publications overlook. Our stories range from funny and whimsical to insightful and hard-hitting.

When our writers join the Indy, they are not just joining a newsmagazine organization on Harvard’s campus. Writers are entering into a collective of students who give a damn and have stories to share. Our writers are a part of a community of support; we push each other to go the extra mile for each other, our legacy and our readers. This community extends beyond the four years of college. Our extensive alumni network remains engaged with the paper through their time, talent, and treasure.

As we move forward with updated platforms, we always remember our founding principles of providing our readers with high quality, in-depth reporting.

Check out our forum, news, sports, and arts sections. Read our blog section to get to know our writers on a more personal level. Look through our amazing Captured and Shot section for those times when a picture is worth a thousand words. Find our content on our Facebook and Twitter pages where you have the ability to interact with our content.

Thank you for following the Indy on its over forty-five-year journey. We invite you along to continue flipping through our pages and clicking around our website.


Indy Love,

Caroline Cronin, Editor in Chief