Stepping into Character


Halloween fashion is unlike any other




There is one day each year when all fashion lovers come together and bond over taking a certain style or look to the next level. And no, this particular day isn’t during fashion week, but rather it is the 31st of October- Halloween. Personally, Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday as it grants me any and all permission to embody any character I want. Whether this means dressing up as the classic, risqué bunny or becoming your favorite character from the Star Wars saga, Halloween is that one night of the year where self-expression is not only encouraged but wildly appreciated- especially when it means spending hours in front of the mirror perfecting the greatest costume makeup. 

As one gets older, Halloween begins to change. It is no longer about the trick-or-treating or haunted houses. One thing does, however, remain constant- the desire to become someone else for a single night. For me, this means brainstorming costume ideas as early as two months before the big day, and making sure my costume is absolutely unique. Although I may feel the need to take my costume to the next level out of absolute respect for my favorite holiday, Halloween doesn’t need to be such an affair for everyone. Your costume doesn’t need to be the most elaborate or expensive in the room as long as you feel your most comfortable and confident in it. A great costume can sprout from something as simple as a great find from a thrift store or some face paint- the moral of the story is to not let your Halloween costume overcome your whole being, but rather let your being shine through in the costume. 

Although Halloween is all about becoming a character other than yourself, it is important to let your own sense of style and identity shine through in some aspects. Your costume should make you feel confident, and this sense of confidence is what will make a Halloween costume most memorable. No one looks back on Halloween from their middle school days where they were forced into some group Halloween costume with their five best friends and says, “Wow, that was my favorite Halloween.” Instead, people remember the Halloween during which they felt the most confident in their costume and how special it made them feel. Halloween should make you feel liberated; it is a night where creativity is encouraged and embodied by society. No matter what you decide to be for Halloween, let it be something you know will you make you feel your best- the type of feeling that makes you never want to take off those fairy wings, even if it is November 1st

Halloween is a major holiday to celebrate in college, and although Harvard is not your quintessential “party school,” it does not shy away from celebrating this big day. Harvard really does look like it could be Hogwarts so it makes the perfect opportunity to dress up as Harry Potter for Halloween. Students at Harvard really do try to make the most out of Halloween – in reality, your average Harvard student gives their all to just about everything. At Harvard, Halloween weekend is one of the most fun weekends of the year. Believe it or not, there is always a plethora of things to do- whether it is painting pumpkins in the dining hall with your block mates or having a wild night out at the Lampoon. Halloween on Harvard’s campus is one of the most special weekends of the year, and if you’re debating on whether or not to have some fun this Halloweekend, I advise you to do so.


Grace Tworek ( writes forum for the Indy.