Women’s Water Polo Team 1-1 on Senior Day


Women’s Water Polo Team 1-1 on Senior Day



On Senior Day, the Crimson Women’s Water Polo team (No. 14) beat George Washington with a score of 10-7, but lost to Bucknell in a close match, 9-7. At Blodgett Pool this Saturday, the Crimson began by earning a hard fought victory over the George Washington Colonials.

A strong defence on the part of the Colonials saw them leading for most of the first quarter, 1-0, and the two teams traded points to bring the score to 3-2, with George Washington in the lead and only three minutes left in the first half. The Crimson fought back, however, scoring three goals in as many minutes to bring the halftime score up to a 5-3 Harvard lead. The Crimson quickly scored to start the second half as well to widen the gap to 6-3.

GW fought back, edging two points to Harvard’s one, bringing the score back to 7-5, but proved unable to maintain their momentum; ultimately, the final score stood at 10-7, in favor of the Crimson.

Later that evening, however, it would be Harvard who failed to maintain momentum, losing a 9-7 game against Bucknell (No. 23). Despite 13 saves from senior Samantha Acker of the Crimson, the Bucknell Bison pulled out a close victory. Bucknell players Ally Furano and Kali Hyham scored the first two points of the game, and although Quinne Pursell scored a point for the Crimson, the Bucknell duo took two more in quick succession, claiming a 4-1 lead that they maintained through halftime.

Although the Bison scored the first point in the second half, Harvard took 3 points in consecutive fashion from Kristen Hong, Sofia Carrera-Justiz, and Hong again, and after Bucknell scored a point in return, the Crimson took two more goals to claim a 6-5 lead. The Bison tied up the game, and the two teams traded points to battle to 7-7 tie. Here, Harvard’s momentum floundered, and Bucknell claimed the final two goals of the game.


Jasper Fu (jasperfu@college.harvard.edu) writes sports for the Indy.