Sex Survey


Sex Survey

Quotes and Highlights


Tell us your most awkward sexual experience

  1. I pulled up to the dude’s apartment and he opens the door in just a leather harness.
  2. During my first college hookup, my partner came on my shirt (that was still on) after I touched his penis for about 5 seconds. When I returned to my room, my roommate asked me if I had jizz on my shirt.
  3. My “dirty talk” was so bad that my partner started laughing and I was so embarrassed that I cried.
  4. 2 bottoms don’t make a top
  5. A one time hookup got a nose bleed on me right as we started having sex. His blood all over my face and I didn’t even know him
  6. My boyfriend accidentally left his condom in me and i didn’t realize
  7. One morning, my girlfriend and I woke up early after she slept over in my room and were feeling a particular type of way. Unfortunately my roommate was still in the room and we have a double, so we thought if we turned on the fan it would drown out the noise and it wouldn’t wake him up. Yeahhh…probably not the best idea but in the moment it seemed totally fine. A few days afterwards we found out he woke up in the middle of us having sex and just pretended he was asleep.
  8. First time my ex-girlfriend and I fooled around; she was giving me head and I told her to go deeper, so she did. She then threw up on me. I thought it was funny; she was mortified
  9. having anal sex while stoned and shitting massively afterwards with my mans in the same bathroom
  10. Girl just went full Magikarp on me. Limp dead fish. It was a time.
  11. making out with a guy and his lips were too small
  12. Dressed up like a green mystical character, painted green.


What is the craziest place you have had sex at Harvard?

12 people said in the stacks  

18 in their own room

  1. In the accessible bathroom down the hall, her hands on the sink, me hitting it from behind, both of us looking at ourselves fucking in the mirror; oh also maybe oral sex on the banks of the Charles near Weld Boathouse
  2. Banks of the Charles near Weld Boathouse
  3. Behind Lamont
  4. In front of the arts museum
  5. Science Center classroom
  6. Science Center Observatory
  7. Pre-frosh host’s bed
  8. Lamont basement
  9. The basement of the Office for the Arts
  10. Boathouse
  11. The practice room in the basement of Kirkland C
  12. In your mom
  13. Grille
  14. Roommate’s bed
  15. Ticknor Lounge
  16. Public bathroom in Kirkland’s basement. The lock on the door was broken. We had to dive into the stall when someone came in


Tell us about one of the BEST sexual experiences you’ve had this year

  1. Had a really great night with my boyfriend that started with strip poker and wine, then we ended up having super hot kinky sex. Handcuffed and he even got out my vibrator too!<3
  2. They were all lackluster and equally unmemorable. Sorry!
  3. Had sex tied up on ecstasy
  4. Not sexual but the closest I came was sleeping over in the same bed and cuddling with a friend. It was transcendental to be honest.
  5. A man just finally made me cum… like WHY DID I HAVE TO WAIT SO LONG
  6. My boyfriend made me orgasm twice. The first time, he only sucked my tits. It was wild.
  7. Like 45 minutes of foreplay, then we had sex for like 2 hours. It was dope. Also the views were sick because it was in the back of a truck in the mountains… we filled the truck bed with pillows and blankets and yoga mats.


Any other funny or interesting stories you would like to share?

  1. I once walked in to my room and caught my roommate sitting on her bed completely topless while eating a poptart and scrolling through her phone
  2. Two out of the three guys I’ve had sex with on campus are in one of my classes and consistently ask me for pset answers 🙂
  3. Doing doggy style so loud that his roommates couldn’t look me in the eyes after.
  4. I lost my anal virginity on my 21st birthday! I was doing Harvard summer school in Denmark and ended up meeting a hot 23-year-old Dane who works as a photographer and does illegal rooftopping/urban exploration stuff. I’m now doing a semester abroad in Denmark and I’m still hooking up with the guy! We basically only have anal these days. P.S. Guy got some “fame” in December for climbing the Giza Pyramid and taking a nude photo with a girl up there.
  1. Got my first internship via Tinder