For Lecture Girl


For Lecture Girl

A Poem



Red bow unslightly askew

I wish I could ask you why

Seventy-five degrees tilted

From norm, it grasps few

Loose limp unwashed hairs

But most fall unaware


No time in the morning

For anything but running

This girl four rows down

Had to run or

Had to sleep or

Had to stay awake–

Same thing


I can relate, girl, bow;

I woke late

Dashed class in yesterday’s clothes

(Who is ever truly sheveled, you know?)

So to the back of your unsightly bow

With botchelized breath I breathe oaths

To never judge you, for we two

Too weary not to dream

Must hold together

We are the same team


Aidan Fitzsimmons ‘20 ( writes poetry for the Indy.