Fashion Fest


Fashion Fest

The Sixth Installment of a Weekly Fashion Column



Although outsiders may believe that not much exists to the Harvard student aside from going to class, reading books, and simply being a nerd, social events actually are a huge facet of student life at Harvard. This upcoming Sunday marks one of the best events of the year — Yard Fest. And let’s be honest, no one really ever cares who the performer is, regardless of how much complaining goes on after their name is released. People really care about everything else that goes on that day.

To me, one of the most fun parts of Yard Fest is the outfit I will be sporting. And though a lot of people won’t admit it, what they’re wearing to Yard Fest serves as a great contributor of stress and confusion. While I cannot tell you what exactly I am wearing to Yard Fest because it is still coming together, I can surely shed some light on how to make your Yard Fest outfit stand out among the crowd.

Remember, we live in the Northeast so it is important to assess how the weather is going to alter your outfit, but since I am from Chicago and think 50 degrees is warm enough to go the beach, this factor has little effect on me. Unless it rains. If it rains, all hell breaks loose and your best bet is to wear a rain poncho.  

Yard Fest marks the start of spring at school and this event gives you the perfect opportunity to add some flare to your outfit and step out of the box with your style. Yard Fest is a concert, wo you really have a lot of freedom with your clothing. If there is one event of the year where you can rock sequins head to do or wear some wild accessories, this is it.

A pair of sunglasses or a funky hat can be the key to completing your look while at the same time serving some functionality. For example, sunglasses can guard your eyes from the sun all day, while at the same time they can hide that red tint they may have (due to allergies, of course!). Accessories are a vital step to both completing your look and serving major function. It’s going to be a long day, so grab your sunglasses, hat, backpack, or fanny pack and you will be well prepared for the day.

This year the performer is Kiiara and since her music has a bit of an EDM flare, you can really go all out with your outfit. Kiiara reminds me of a rave, and dressing for a rave means not only having fun and freedom with your outfit, but wearing something that will allow you to dance and jump around all night without worrying that your shirt is going to rip or you will get mud on your shoes.

The main focus of the day is to have fun and enjoy the concert with your friends, so although you may want to wear an amazing outfit, do not let your outfit dictate the day. Don’t wear something that doesn’t make you feel like the most confident version of yourself or something that will have you stressing the entire day.

Yard fest is all about good energy and having the most fun with your friends, so let your inner personality shine through using your outfit and never be afraid to take some risks.


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