Spring Forward


Spring Forward

The Fourth Installment of Fashion Advice Column for Busy College Students



Have you ever looked back at one of your favorite memories and for some odd reason been able to remember exactly what you wore that day? And no, I’m not talking your communion, prom, or even wedding, but that one time you went out to dinner for your 13th birthday and you can vividly remember the True Religion, low-rise jeans and Abercrombie sweater you wore. This is one of favorite things about fashion… the ability it has to hold lasting memories in your brain and how you can make connections of your past through a simple memory of what you wore.

For me, spring break is one of my favorite times of the entire year as it withstands as one of the most important times of the year that my family and I get together. Ever since I was just a baby, we have spent every single spring break in Boca Grande, Florida. Some of you may have heard of it, some of you have not, and some of you will just assume it is the same as Boca Raton, Florida. But, it’s not. Boca Grande is one of the most special places to my family and it is a true symbol of old school Florida. And one of my absolute favorite parts of Boca Grande is that it might be one of the only places in the whole universe where you can sport Lilly Pulitzer every day and it is completely acceptable. When you think of Lily Pulitzer, the first thing that might come to your head is your grandma and what her and her friends wear as they head over for Sunday tea at the country club, and you’re not wrong. But to me, Lily Pulitzer is much more to me than just a bright, paisley pair of palazzo pants. It is a memory of my mother buying me my very first Lily dress and me wanting to wear it every single day of my spring break. It connects me to my favorite week of the year spent on the beaches of Boca Grande with my entire family.

I am not here to tell you that Lily Pulitzer is trending this spring, but to rather get you to think of some fashion staples that you can connect to your favorite memories. Spring fashion is one of the most exciting style transitions of the year as the weather begins to get warmer, the sun gets brighter, and all of a sudden you suddenly have this greater urge to dress a little more stylish for class. This upcoming spring is all about experimenting in your style, stepping out of the box a little. Whether that means incorporating some pastel tones into your wardrobe, rocking a pair of platform sandals, or wanting to test out a wild print, spring style comes down to having fun and making your style match your mood. It is all about individuality this spring and making the most out of your look, according to you. And to me, during the seven days of spring break I will be spending in Boca Grande, Florida I will MOST DEFINITELY be rocking a full fledged, paisley outfit from Lily Pulitzer.

Grace Tworek ‘21 (gracetworek@college.harvard.edu) loves giving fashion advice.