For Your Sake


For Your Sake

A Poem



For your sake,

Child of present Troubles,

Those – from kind intent refracted,

An aberration or malpractice of

That impulse to live,

I wish you would know this:


That in the parent’s absence peace persists

Pressed as blissful comfort into lifeless things;

The afternoon’s warmth,

The melody’s trill,

The lambent voice’s call

Communing heartfelt dreams.


That where shields have sounded

Hate’s telltale call

Marking souls withered by

A brutish scornful root –

Some orchards since sown

Nest warblers who sing

Without fear of the blue-jay.


That Time, the passive fellow

Who inherited his appointment –

Is disinclined to catch spears:

So falls to us this thankless post.

Uneasy are we, and question

Whether mortal hands ought –

Or can – shape mortal lives.


That the answer is told

At close of day,

When with curtains drawn

And scripts run through,

Nothing remains but lonesome review:

And in dreams we meet our past

And wish to dream again!

Jose Espinel ‘20 ( writes poetry for the Indy.