The Background Story: …Who are your Respondents?


The Independent’s Counterculture survey remains to date a key flavor and sampling of the pulse of Harvard’s community. Measuring interest and intrigue with topics with as drugs and body modifications, the survey tends to attract a wide variety of individuals, proudly displaying diversity in its respondent base.  This year, in particular, presented an incredibly diverse set of individuals.


This year, we had a solid split of respondents across all class years, with Freshman, in purple, with 23.3% of responses above.



Meanwhile, gathering LGBTQ+ voices is critical to our mission of ensuring diversity in our response base – and the results indicate that representation of LGBTQ+ hovered around 40% for this year’s responses.



At the same time, survey responders were proud to highlight strong GPA’s with over 60% of responders highlighting a GPA greater than 3.60.



Finally, when considering the respondents as a whole, the distribution of the political views definitely skews right, with a large number of individuals holding political views near the left side of the spectrum (least conservative). The statistics presented in the above issue and spread are not meant in any way to present a statistically significant analysis of Harvard’s current status. Instead, they are merely meant to provide a unique insight into the thoughts and directions of a sampling of Harvard students today.