Our Favorite Responses


Drug Section

What’s the going rate for what you’ve bought while at Harvard?

  • “$15 for two pot brownies.”
  • “$10/g of weed”
  • “mostly been through friends so free”
  • “40/eighth” (weed)
  • “lol idk i get my drugs for free”
  • “$75/ half Oz (weed)”
  • “$25 for a THC cartridge. $120 for a half ounce of high quality bud”
  • “60 for a quad from Harvard People, I buy off campus now”
  • “200$ per ounce of weed”
  • “i was just along the ride, i didn’t buy it for myself”


What’s been your wildest experience doing drugs, at or before Harvard?

  • “Got really high and went to skyzone (trampoline park) and got so paranoid after playing the dodgeball game that I hid underneath the sink in the bathroom.”
  • “Once I got so high from weed brownies I baked that I thought my real self was in a coma in the hospital with friends gathered around the bed while my actual waking self (what I was physically seeing) was in a dream (like one of those movie/tv show sequences when the patient has to go on a dream journey in order to wake up). I “died” and found that the afterlife was a perpetual re-experience of your moment of death forever. Then I puked and was fine. It was wild and fucked me up for days.”
  • “Was outside a club in Berlin. Started negotiating with a dealer in French and ended up attracting a hoard of francophonic dealers. Negotiated two MDMA capsules down to half price, took one, and blacked out after two hours: when I came to, I was watching trains go by on my ceiling. The next day, changed my resume profile to indicate business-level French.”
  • “Watching Shrek 4 and then meeting Greg Sestero from The Room. Not that wild but fun.”
  • “Harvard-Yale 2017 drunk/high for 18 hours straight”
  • “I smoked weed next to the Weeks Footbridge at 2 am with some guys who had just gotten out of jail.”
  • “I made some vlogs while high. Kicked my roommate out of our room while she was hooking up with someone. #powermover”
  • “i went to graduation on a mix of 2c-b, shrooms, and ketamine. it was a very scary but also kinda fun experience. i told my mom and she wasn’t that judgemental, just a bit worried. Haha”


Body Modification Section


If you haven’t gotten body modifications, why not?

  • “I’m afraid to have something so permanent on my body. Also my mom would kill me.”
  • “It’s literally one of the dumbest things you can do to your body. Enjoy your body mods, I’ll enjoy my career.”
  • “Hoping to get a tattoo but have no money :)”
  • “You don’t put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari. But really I just think the human body is beautiful by itself and that piercings and tattoos are ugly and oftentimes attention-seeking.”
  • “Commitment issues.”
  • “Dying to get a tattoo but I keep getting cold feet. I know what I want and where, but I’m concerned about the ramifications of a tattoo, even a small one, in a visible area if I go into the professional/legal industry.”
  • “I used to have blue hair, and I think about dying it again a lot, just haven’t decided on a color. Will get a tattoo in the future, but I don’t want a piercing for no particular reason.”
  • “I’m just not that into them.”

If you have, how did you go about your decision of getting it done?

  • I just really wanted to have a physical link to my family members. I dyed my hair purple because I was having a CRISIS okay?
  • I grew up very conservative and religious, so this was my act of rebellion. Nobody wanted me to get it, so I did
  • The tattoo, I’ve always wanted one, and my team got tattoos together to signify our commitment and togetherness. The piercing was impulsively done in the middle of the afternoon on a Wednesday because I couldn’t think of a reason to say no, and I’d wanted one for a while. The undercut was because I wanted something new.
  • I had always wanted the ear piercings… but the actual process of getting them done was very spontaneous. As was the nipple piercing. I had never thought of getting one before but then I just woke up one day and texted my friend that we were going to get our nipples pierced that day. A few hours later, there was a bar through my nipple!
  • Impulsive, I saw a lot of guys with black studs and thought it looked nice in a not “hey I have diamond studs so I must be an asshole” kind of way.
  • When I went to visit my sister in college last year, she got a lip tattoo so when she came to visit me I had to do the same. Our parents are very against tattoos so we got a lip one so they can’t see it unless we show them lol.

How was the experience of getting it?

  • I went to get my cartilage pierced with a boy I had a crush on over the summer in Washington, D.C.
  • My first time I had them do both at once, since I’m scared of needles, and they messed up and had to redo it, so I got three piercings my first time (though I had to let the messed up hole close, sad).
  • I watched a toddler get her ears pierced before I got my second piercing and my mom told me I needed to toughen up (as I was a little nervous) because if a 2 year old can do it without crying than I should get over it.
  • For the tattoo, I went with a friend from high school and my then-boyfriend. I walked-in with a picture and they watched from the door while I did it. It’s pretty low-key, so it didn’t hurt very much. For the piercing, I was sitting in Clover with a friend and her mom, and they were talking about getting matching tattoos. I mentioned in passing that I wanted to get a piercing at some point, and my friend suggested we do it right then before class. I couldn’t think of a reason not to: I had the money, I already had a job at a company that was okay with modifications, I had the time, and the recovery would be perfect because I wouldn’t be playing for a few months. So we went to Chameleon, scheduled an appointment for later that day, and we went from class back to the shop and got it done. It looks great, I love it, and I don’t regret it at all. Just needed someone to get me out of my head.
  • great! went to new york one weekend, got a little high first, was a bit painful but looked great in the end
  • My mom said “no,” but I snuck to get it done with my older brother.
  • I decided after work that I wanted to get a tattoo. It was a random Tuesday or something, I stopped in to Hourglass Tattoo on my way home from work in Porter Square, and just got one done. I didn’t tell anyone before hand, no one was with me, and it felt really good to share that moment with myself. When I got pierced and got my undercut done, there were always people there, so it was nice to have that experience just for me.