Everything is in the air: A Poem


(A poetical study of what we inhale)


It’s all in the air
Fumes, body, soul

Your breath stagnates
the atmospheres of people 
Your body disintegrates 
in particles of dust

Your soul pollutes 

the heavenly skies

And yet you breathe

And yet you grow

And yet you die

Whatever comes to be
Innovation and profanity
Through clean air you can see

Through nothingness apparent
We are going blind 
Seeing white clouds of hazard
Mistaken for cold breaths in winter

Whatever comes to be
Process or energy
Through clean air we still see

Air atop air in concentric cycles
An amalgam of heated dirt
To be injected with sulfurous remains
Of a civilization long gone

Whatever comes to be
Radiation and vanity
Through clean air we won’t see