UC Elections take Flight!




Last week, forty-four new students were placed on the Undergraduate Council. These forty-four students are comprised of three students from each of the twelve upperclassmen houses, as well as three from Dudley House and three from each segment of the Yard. The elections for President and Vice President of the UC are about to begin, and the form in which students may declare their candidacy is now open and has been circulated by the current leadership via email.


Catherine L. Zhang ’19 currently serves as the UC President and Nicholas D. Boucher ’19 as her Vice President (endearingly referred to by students as “Cat & Nick”). They were inaugurated on December 3 of last year and have since achieved around 56% percent of their goals according to the Undergraduate Council website.


Voting for the new President and Vice President will begin soon after all candidates have declared their intentions to run, and voting typically takes place in early to mid-November. The form to submit referenda is also open, with a referendum requiring signatures from 10% of the student body to be passed.


The Undergraduate Council has been dedicated to their mission “to represent and support the Harvard College undergraduate student population… through promoting belonging and wellbeing for members of the Harvard College Community, financially supporting student organizations, and advocating to administrators, faculty, students and the wider community on all aspects of student life” since the UC’s establishment in 1982. The President and Vice President of the UC play crucial roles in maintaining the integrity of the council and its mission and students look forward to the ensuing weeks of election.


Jilly Cronin ’21 (croninj@college.harvard.edu) encourages all of her peers to vote come election time.