Overnight Dreaming


A Poem

By Remedy Ryan and Abigail Koerner


Your arms feel like

a long-lost sweater

I knew I would find

I am not any kind of perfect

But I am warm and I am alive

and so are you


“Tu tump” is Italian and my heart hits boom

I said I don’t use onomatopoeia

But sometimes don’t is also do

You turn nouns to verbs

And my brain doesn’t quite work

When I’m thinking about you


My name is a word too

But it still can’t fix the mirror

I’m naked in a glassy field

My desire cuts into me

You stroke the wound

And it feels right


Pleasant thoughts of fleeting moments

Always on my mind

But thoughts of what’s waiting for us

Take my heart and make it hard to find

I’m running! Searching

Where could it be?

Maybe I left it where we were

When we were you and me


You have a piano on your back

I play the keys down your spine

But my fingers trip over themselves

I haven’t done this in so long

I step on the wrong pedal

No one can learn a duet overnight