Sports Briefs



The intramural soccer season was starting for both Winthrop and Cabot Houses. Winthrop, having made it into the finals last season, were heavy favorites, as countless people were calling for a blow-out and claiming that Winthrop house would simply breeze through. But as kick-off began, it became evident that Cabot meant business this season. Cabot dominated the midfield, and 10 minutes into the first half, Cabot opened up the scoring with a great shot from outside of the 18-yard box. Cabot continued to pressure Winthrop, when out of nowhere, Winthrop mounted an amazing counterattack that ended with their right-winger skillfully rolling the ball under Cabot’s keeper. Cabot, however, quickly took the lead again, with their speedy forward shooting over the goalkeeper who ran out to meet him.

At half-time, Cabot led, 2 to Winthrop’s 1. In Winthrop’s huddle, they seemed confident in a comeback, as they definitely had the talent to do so. With that in mind, Winthrop started the first half guns blazing. They pressured with all that they could offer, their fullbacks playing as if they were wingers, and their wingers as if they were strikers. The midfielders were also playing high, as if strikers themselves. With this highly offensive formation, Winthrop dominated time of possession in the second half, placing at least 10 shots on Cabot’s goal, but still missed some great opportunities, one of which included a wide-open goal. Despite all of their offensive effort, Winthrop could not get one back, and the game ended Cabot 2 Winthrop 1. After the game, despite their loss, in the Winthrop huddle, the players were hardly disappointed, as they were able to see the potential of their offensive firepower. Although they did lose the first game, it was far from a failure, putting on display all of the potential and talent that Winthrop House possesses. Cabot, ecstatic with their opening game victory, hopes to continue winning, and definitely has the talent and team chemistry to do so.

JP Vierira ( is excited to watch more upset victories, whether intramural or varsity.