Why Choose Harvard?



As the lucky few kids open acceptance letters from Harvard, they are probably opening acceptance letters from other elite institutions as well. Why choose Harvard? Here’s what some of our current freshmen had to say…

“Harvard had way better financial aid and more study abroad opportunities than my state school. And because it’s Harvard!” – Benazir Neree

“One, it’s literally the best school. Two, they offered me the best financial aid. Three, I genuine believed that Harvard would offer me personally the most diverse, fulfilling academic and social experience.” – Samantha Gamble

“With the Berklee dual enrollment program, [Harvard] was the only place I could study music and academics at such an elite level.” – Eric Tarlin

“My state school has 34,000+ undergrads, Harvard has 6,000. You can’t get the same quality of education with that many people. And the culture’s very different. Everyone at Harvard is super driven, and it’s inspiring to have such aspirational friends. At my state school there are driven people, but it’s much more niche group of people.”

-Remedy Ryan

“I was actually wait listed when I applied here, so when I was told that I had made it off the waitlist, I felt I had no other choice than to take the opportunity.” – Melissa Drake

“My choice for colleges was between Stanford and Harvard. I think a particular thing that helped solidify this hunch was the two admit weekends: Visitas was a blast, while the Stanford Admit Weekend was lackluster and not very well planned.” – George Moe

Harvard is an academic pinnacle for students from all different backgrounds. The unique combination of diversity in people and their different pursuits lead these freshmen to choose Harvard over every other school they were admitted to. In just a short time, we welcome the chosen prospects of the class of 2022 to Visitas and we all hope you choose us too!