Sex Data




Roses are red

Violets are blue

17.4% of Harvard students say they’re bisexual

Was one of them you?

11.2% gay

0.7% Queer

63.2% heterosexual

Makes the overwhelming majority clear

50% who aren’t that

Are out to friends

But not to mom and dad

In our Indy Sex Survey

50 was a magic number

With half of Harvard penises

Circumcised down under

Such data can be seen

In naked pictures sent along

As 50 ish percent have sent nudes from their phones

Tastes of sex were also analyzed

People love pizza post sex

Not fries

You voted vaginas are “tangy”

Semen “salty”

And “Kiss me through the Phone” a sexy song-y

Abigail Keorner ‘21 ( writes poetry, but not always after analyzing survey statistics.