My favorite color used to be the white of

The virgin snow peacefully resting atop

A mountain in the Andes, or maybe the Alps

Untouched by our species


But then I left the South in June

And came North where the snow was long gone

The warmer air gifting every color with a new life

Yet slaughtering the apple of my eye


So I looked up to the cloudless sky

Bereft of white, an indigo sea

And, deprived of my dearest hue, readied myself

To choose a new protégé


From the light blue of the velvet firmament

And the dark blue of the Charles

And the ultramarine of the Atlantic

And your aquamarine eyes


From the multifarious shades

Of green trees whose leaves seem to

Be sources of light themselves guiding

Me from the Yard up Garden to Sherman


From the crimson-bricked, hallowed buildings

Iridescent like coals as if

Mocking the nine-month winter

That strips the town of color


But then I met your copper hair

And your beard turned the color of

Fire when the scorching

Summer sun caressed it


But then you told me to meet you

As evening fell over the city

One, five, nine, eleven times

Until you became my sunset


But then I saw the sky metamorphose,

I felt it burn as we walked west

Running away from mankind

Seeking each other only


And now that you’ve flown away

Now that you’re watching the sun

Rise and fall somewhere else

I guess my favorite color is orange after all.