Today I went to Leverett for lunch;

I sat in the bright dining hall

The winter sun streaming through the windows

The loud chatter clouding my brain.

Francesca Cornero ’19

Nothing has changed since you were here—

I still see the tall twins walking around, and

My friend from that government class

You told me to take last spring.


Today you called me to tell me that you

Got into Princeton and that you

Are settling in and after I said I missed you

You said you missed me too.


Tonight I saw that boy you liked at dinner;

He doesn’t look back at me when I furtively

Turn my eyes to him.

Maybe I like him too, now.


Did he know who you are?

Does he know who you were?

No one around here but me

Seems to sing your song anymore.


Since you’ve been gone I’ve replaced you

With myself. Since the hero, my hero was

Forgotten, I inherited him,

I made myself your scion.


I like the people you liked 

I kiss the people you kissed

I eat where you ate

I smoke what you smoked


But there is one tradition of our family

One offshoot of our genealogy

That I am not continuing.

I can’t love who you loved—


After loving you

I’ve never loved anyone again

Not because I didn’t want to

But because I couldn’t.