Brain Peace


A Poem



Brain peace when I got what I wanted

And had what had to be had and

Done and did.

Brain peace because

Each step should be a leap and

Each hill a mountain when I’m climbing up!

“Take me away,” I’d ask

But there is nothing to take

In the deep, dark hole of a woman

Where I sat and hugged my knees to my chest.

Trapped in a bubble that I blew myself after

Chewing and smacking that same piece of gum for hours…

Until it finally popped.

Then, I was just sitting.

Brain peace to my ears when the sweet sounds

Of sweet songs snuck up and through headphones jammed in

Earwax as proof that this really did happen

When the music wasn’t loud enough to play over bubbles popping

And I jammed them farther in…


Abigail Koerner ( writes poetry but not always with peace of mind.