What freshmen have heard about blocking…


For the amount of “x-person blocking groups of x-type people who study x and do x as an extracurricular” responses, it seems apparent that the rumors themselves are pretty subjective. Here are some of the top responses about blocking rumors from first year students:

“Pain and suffering”


“Big groups get quadded”


International students often get quaded, important people are less likely to get quaded (looking at you, Malia)”


“The housing lottery is completely random (sounds fake but okay)”


“Small blocking groups get Adams, Kirkland, or Eliot, but there’s no way they’ll get singles and their rooms will probably be small/gross”


“Athletes are more likely to get river houses”


“Odd numbers are more likely to get quaded”


“Legacy status is a factor in housing”


“That all the rumors are false”


“If you get Mather, you basically get a single”


“If you float, you won’t necessarily get a single”


Hunter Richards ( celebrates her last Housing Day.