The Students of Stoneman Douglas Remind Me of My Voice



When I first heard about the shooting

I was in church

The priest had just rubbed a black cross on my head

and he told us to pray for Florida

Later, I skimmed the news update

and after concluding the shooting was a safe 45 miles

from my alma mater

went on with my day

in my usual shroud of busyness

or complacency


but their voices followed me

for the rest of the week

then month

reminded me that they were busy

going to funerals


reminded me that I can

retweet the tweet

write the letter

call Marco Rubio

go to the protest

kneel down and pray


reminded me that

there is something to be said

for young people trying to change something

for anyone trying to change anything


Remedy Ryan ’21 ( wants you to try to change something