I turn off the alarm clock without hitting snooze and I am making myself do this and I press the thin circles onto my eyes and I brush my teeth with the whitening toothpaste and I slide on the one-piece and then the hoodie and the leggings over it and I make my bed cause I’ve got time and I swallow the two painkillers and the peanut butter Clif bar and grab my bags and the car keys and it’s foggy out kinda hard to drive but I’ve got time and I’m in the locker room and the other girls are shivering but me I am here and I’m alive in South Florida not Boston and it’s cold but it’s not cold and I’m fine and I strip off the leggings and the hoodie and walk onto the pool deck and ok it’s cold and I jump in and ok it’s still cold my feet are numb I have goosebumps but my heart is on fire

I have never wanted to sprint more than I do now

I have never wanted something more than this.


Remedy Ryan ’21 ( plays water polo.