“November 8th, 2016”



We stand here more than a year removed from the election of our 45th president and yet I still struggle to express the progression of emotions I felt that day in a coherent and linear manner. In my piece, titled “November 8th, 2016”, I turned to faces from across America, as captured through the lens of a news camera, to convey those reactions I most related to and immortalize them for future reference. For all the party rhetoric and hyperbole pumped out through the mass media day in and day out, these simple and honest facial contortions from average citizens best encapsulates what I have failed to communicate for a year.

The portraits were painted in black and white to narrow their focus down to the tension and etched lines of inherently human facial expressions.


About the Artist:
Sophie Benson is a junior in Quincy house. She studies human evolutionary biology with a secondary in astrophysics. She loves creating things and going skiing.