February 14th


By Remedy Ryan ’21 and Abigail Koerner ’21

I stick out my tongue

letting the cold droplets caress it

Take in the shimmering white

that has covered the trees, the sidewalks, the people

Still, all I can think about is the sea


The sea and me?

Or maybe we?

Pleasant thoughts of fleeting moments flood my memory like the snow which floods the streets. Today, precipitation would fill the void and creep into the spot where you used to sit and smile back at me. Wednesday like an avalanche would tumble down on my heart. They call it a holiday…


holiday by the sea, secretly

I wanna talk about this every day of the year

see, The summer by the ocean

didn’t prepare me for the middle of February

each downpour promising a fresh start

but leaving me numb and unsatisfied

But what if I’m complaining about the weather too much?

I don’t want to be that girl

The one who always yells about being lonely

on days like these


And this Wednesday would haunt me. Take me down and set me free like the baby girl I thought I’d grow up and be. She’s elegant as hell and belongs in a bouquet with all the other roses. She’d be serenaded by the sea like sunlight beaming in when clouds got out of the way. February showers couldn’t wait for April and so it rained instead.


And maybe that’s the real meaning of Valentine’s Day

realizing I am not her but I also am

ugly and beautiful

loved and unloved

Cool girl

Awkward girl  

Whisperer of the loudest thoughts  

And I can be her again

year after year

storm after storm


This Wednesday like every other Wednesday I’ve ever known to be spent with the girl I love the most. A date for forever with a face I’ve seen before.  



Remedy Ryan ’21 (remedyryan@college.harvard.edu) and Abigail Koerner ’21 (ajkoerner@college.harvard.edu) write fiction but not always with company.