Wildest Experience on Drugs?  


Doing acid and staying up for 36 hours straight to write a final paper. 


Being on LSD while on a farm tour with my mom.  


Took an edible on a plane, saw the world split in half.  


Taking shrooms at the beach in Mexico and feeling intimately connected to the sand, couldn’t stop touching it. 



Went to an apple orchard & carved a bong out of an apple & smoked weed out of that. 


My first time smoking weed I got tooooo high and incredibly paranoid. My first time ever riding the T I was so stoned I didn’t know what was going on, but I had really wanted McDonald’s so a couple friends went with me to Central Square. Quickly realized the Central Square McDonald’s was closed so we called an Uber for the sole purpose of taking us to another McDonald’s by Boston Common. However, I was convinced our Uber driver was going to take advantage of our incapacitated state and kill us so I was crying the entire ride and almost didn’t get in the car. The Common McDonald’s was closed too but I really wanted an egg mcmuffin so we ended up going to the next closest McDonald’s which was fully in a Boston suburb. All in all it was a $5 purchase and a $65 Uber ride. 


The fact that post-acid trip I’m now significantly better at hearing and singing harmony.  


Bought a bunch of Pufferfish. 


I had a bad acid trip during the summer and walked eight miles barefoot through Cambridge. I went completely mute. I thought I was God. 


(Met a really nice girl!) 


I did acid and rode a rollercoaster and I feel like all my senses were extremely heightened and like overloaded. My hat fell off while I was upsidedown in a loop, and I snagged it out of midair. I still don’t know if it was luck or some kind of LSD superpower