Clumsy Drug Use or Acid Tripping? 



Don’t forget your passport before departing on your next acid trip! Add those stamps!

I love a good spontaneous vacation and my acid trip was no exception. I hadn’t even had a chance to renew my passport before the most impulsive drug trip of my life. You ever wondered what the mind thinks on drugs? Let me tell you. 


We took acid at around 12:57 am, or at least that’s when I started sending messages to my friends saying I had taken a microdose of LSD. 

It’s all fine until sometimes there’s a big buzzing cotton ball in the corner that comes closer. 

I can feel my pupils doing yoga. 

I feel like my skin cells are dabbing. 

My bones are made of clay and if anyone touches me for too long they’ll alter the shape of my body. I am claymation.  

My entire body is soaking up all the water but my roommate handed me warm water and I’ve never felt so must distrust in my life. 

My jaw is tight. 

Do I swallow the paper… Wait, did I swallow the paper? Where’s the paper?? 

I feel like my body is ripping open and being reborn. 

Everything is spicy. 

I am definitely having a brain aneurysm, please don’t tell my mom. 

My heart is on fire. 

When my roommate handed me that warm water bottle I felt the pits of hell open up and we became one, me and hell. 

My roommate’s hair keeps falling into this weird mullet and there’s no order everything is chaos. 

There’s an angry violin, it’s like someone is trying to find this fucking cello’s G spot except it’s all not the right spot.’ 

I think all my hair fell out and regrew. 

My eyes are getting bigger and smaller and I’m VIBRATING I’M VIBRATING THESE WORDS ARE V I B R A T I N G. 

My astigmatism is coming and going. 

I want a guitar right now. 

I wish was more talented. 

I can move the sign by how I move my mouth. 

I just keep changing the same margins. 

I’m so thirsty everything is bulging. 


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