Caffeinate Me Crazy 




In my favorite room of every house
My friend often stays
Filling up empty cups on horrible empty days!
He is so kind, my friend…
His duty well known
He brews and coos ‘til he isn’t needed any more
Water flows into the perfect spot
Where it bubbles and broils and trickles down into the pot
Flip that switch, baby
Turn him on
Let my old friend eliminate that yawn
He can be sweet
Bitter or foamy
He will warm you right up
If you’re feeling lonely
My friend, my flavor
My only vice
He succeeds in keeping me up nights
Helping me to act nice
My only friend, at times he is!
Old faithful
I am truly grateful
For the coffee you store within  


Abigail Koerner ( writes poetry, but not always with coffee in hand.