Sleepy Poem


Tired eyes and tired faces

Walk along to tired places

Early yet, we shuffle and sway

It’s only the beginning of a boring day

But moments ago, or so it seems

We were all alone in dreams

Weightlessness and breathy breaths

Something close to bliss and death

Each night we lay our heads to rest

Or morning, noon, our eyes would suggest

“A nap” we’d say, and lay bodies down

“A nap” would end in yawns and frowns

For when you let sleep creep in

He’ll consume you from within

Suddenly you’re paralyzed

No alarm, sound, or push could revive

Those deep in sleep, once sleep deprived

It’s not you it’s me! I say

When I don’t let him in

There are things to do

These things I’m knee deep in

And if I let my brown eyes close

He’d take my things and let them go

My coffee cup is all I know…

Abigail Koerner ( writes poetry, but not always while sleepy.