Valentines and Galentines


How students celebrated one another.



Valentine’s Day means a lot of things to a lot of people, whether it means just another Tuesday or a chance to share affection with someone close to you. At Harvard, there were quite a few ways that people chose to do this but using different student organizations devoted to the arts or that offered different crafts seemed to be a favorite.

Student groups like Speak Out Loud, Harvard’s only spoken word poetry group, created hand-crafted flip books of poems. Students were able to specify whether they would like a poem for a friend or a romantic interest. The small poem books featured short poems that members of Speak Out Loud wrote and then delivered themselves before Valentine’s Day arrived.

Poetry, roses, and chocolate: essential ingredients for any valentine or galentine.
Credit: Hunter Richards

For those musically inclined but not skilled enough to personally create a song, some student groups offered the expertise of their own finely tuned musical talents. Musical organizations like the Harvard Band and a capella groups serenaded students on behalf of their admirers. While the Harvard band performed for a chosen 5 lucky people on Valentine’s Day, several a cappella groups were seen and heard entering dining halls and common rooms through out this week to deliver and perform the songs.

Meanwhile, other organizations chose to focus on February 13th, otherwise known as Galentine’s Day (to those who frequently watch Parks and Recreation). Galentine’s Day is a day celebrating the spirit the strong women and female friendships in your life. Strong Women, Strong Girls were a great resource for such an occasion. The student group that mentors young girls in STEM fields distributed painted wooden roses and candy, along with a personal message, to help those within the Harvard community express appreciation for their friends. Sending love to friends, roommates, and crushes (and open to all identities) also went towards supporting the organization with the donation for each Galentine’s gram. Strong Women, Strong Girls uses the donations to help plan events and gather supplies for the elementary school children they mentor in the Boston area.

Regardless of how you show that you care for your friends and significant others, Harvard student organizations were happy to lend their talents for the special occasion.

Hunter Richards ( was charmed by the efforts of these groups and made sure to take special notice of her friends and loved ones this week.