Hoping for a Snow Day!


Things to do now that it’s finally getting cold outside.


  1. Catch up on Netflix.
    Of course, everyone’s first impulse when it gets cold is to sit in bed and watch Netflix. Maybe this time, watch Netflix with a friend instead. Make sure you catch Season 2 of Unlikely Animal Friends before it leaves Netflix on February 15! Or if you want to start fresh like the (hopefully) new-fallen snow, February is bringing some great new content to our favorite streaming site, including Finding Dory, Magic Mike, and notably, Netflix original series VeggieTales in the City. Maybe someone can write a review on that for a future issue of the Indy!
  1. Actually use the creepy basement gym in your House.
    If you really want to keep up your workout routine, but you also don’t want to walk all the way to the MAC, make use of the House gyms Harvard loves to brag about! This way, you won’t have to change into your sneakers or wear a jacket. While you’re at it, explore the other parts of your House’s tunnels—there are probably lots of things you never knew existed!
  1. Do all the readings you’ve been putting off all semester.
    It is only the third week of school so you cannot be that far behind…right?
  1. Go ice skating in Kendall Square!
    The square has a great outdoor ice skating rink that’s open to the community until March. Show your blockmates your figure skating skills and maybe next year you can compete in “An Evening With Champions.” Bonus points if you go to the “ice bocce” tournament on February 28. Then, on your way back, stop for ice cream at Toscanini’s—only true New Englanders will eat ice cream at any time of the year.
  1. Or go to Burdick’s.
    Nothing is better than getting a cup of the rich, creamy hot chocolate from L.A. Burdick’s Handmade Chocolates on a snowy day. If you must leave your room, I recommend going there.
  1. Sled down Widener steps on a dining hall tray.
    Freshmen and sophomores, you’ve yet to live through a true Boston blizzard—or the endless winter of 2015. People were seriously making bets on whether the snow would all be gone by graduation. They trucked snow out of here to the Harvard Forest (who knew we had one of those?) because there was no more room for it. Alas, we are not on track for another such winter, so if we get a big snowstorm this winter, take advantage of your chance!

Emily Hall (emilyhall@college.harvard.edu) half feels excited and half wants to crawl back in bed every time it snows in Cambridge.