Faculty Council Delays Motion Against Club Sanctions


The Faculty motion against Dean Khurana’s proposed sanctions will now be discussed on November 1.


Last week, the Harvard Independent reported on the faculty initiated motion that would revoke Dean Khurana’s sanctions against single gender clubs. The original motion, sponsored by Professor Harry R. Lewis, ’68 and eleven others, was originally meant to go up for discussion on October 4.

However, due to certain misunderstandings over the motion during the previous week’s meeting, discussion over the motion has now been deferred. Lewis said that the October 4 meeting coincided with Rosh Hashanah, and “more than one” signatories observe the Jewish holiday. “I preferred to have them present,” he said.

Moreover, Lewis said that after the Faculty Council’s meeting for the week before October 4, he received an email explanation of where the Council had come out. Lewis misunderstood the email, and by the time the confusion was sorted, “the motion had been put on the preliminary agenda, but I had already told my fellow signatories that it would not be presented.”

In light of these different factors, the Council thought that the simplest thing was to defer it, and the motion was removed from the October 4 agenda. The motion will now be discussed at the November 1 meeting, and cannot be voted on before December at the earliest.

Aditya Agrawal (adityaagrawal@college.harvard.edu) looks forward to Lewis and the other faculty members discussion of the sanctions.