Uganda love this blog (Weganda learn about baboons)


I’m experiencing the worst jet lag of my life. I’ve never been 8 hours ahead of home. I got on a plane in New York 11am, and got off in Dubai the next morning. This is messing with my head. And of course I didn’t sleep at all on the plane. Our second flight, from Dubai to Entebbe, Uganda, was much shorter.

We stayed Sunday night at a motel in Entebbe. Two adorable cats hung around our table as we ate dinner. I caved and gave them some of my fish. At night, I dreamt that they climbed on my bed, still begging for food and tearing holes in my mosquito net.

We’re about to leave the motel and start a six-hour car ride to our final destination for the summer at Kanyawara, a research station in Kibale national park. While we’re there, I will be staying with another Harvard undergrad and collecting data on baboons for our senior theses in Human Evolutionary Biology.

This blog is going to be a mix of describing my day to day routine as a field biologist and musings about my summer. Hopefully it will be interesting both to those of you who don’t know me and to my parents, who are probably reading this to make sure I’m still alive. So far, it’s been exciting to be somewhere so different from home. Shivangi has declared Uganda to be “a cleaner version of India. Let’s see if I’m still excited 10 weeks later!