Surviving Trust Fund Babies: A Summer at Oxford


I’m a graduating high school senior from a small town off the coast of Maine. This summer I look forward to work, play and adventure.

I plan on working at the golf course on the island. It’s the same place I worked last summer, which would be boring except that this year I look forward to teaching my brother the ropes. That is, until I leave for Europe.

I was actually lucky enough to travel to Paris, Florence, Venice, and Rome on my senior class trip a little more than a month ago, but I’ll soon return to the country of our forefathers (some of them at least).

My excursion is through a program that hosts high school students at colleges such as Oxford, Cambridge, Universite de Paris, and University of Barcelona. When I applied, I decided on Oxford, as it seemed to be the most steeped in tradition as well as not targeting what I’m not interested in: art.

While considered by many to be a golden opportunity, I was immediately told that the Oxford program actually was host to a large number of trust fund babies, and I was informed I should watch out and make sure I didn’t get sucked in and just party (no offense to any trust fund babies). I’m looking forward to studying International Business as a Major and Physics as a Minor.

When I return I’ll be jumping right back into work, which actually works out great because that’s when most of the club members invite the golf staff for private dinners, so in effect I will have returned just in time for a lobster or steak dinner or two. At least that’s how it went last year.