Netflix and Literally Chill


How to warm up this icy V-Day.


Dear All,

A few years ago I wrote to you about the Pumpkin Spiced Latté. I explained basic-ness and also explained the history behind this seasonal beverage. Today, I write to you, as Mia’s father did in Princess Diaries, about how to confront dilemmas…in the midst of a cold and freezing Valentine’s day.

Currently, the weather report suggests that it will be as cold as -3 degrees and as warm as 13 degrees. At one point, you may think about trekking up to the quad (or down to the river) to spark up a romantic date. Some of you may be less ambitious, and may just plan on walking a few blocks. Some of you may be considering walking one block. Some of you may just want to walk to your dining halls.

All of these options (the options that involved you walking outdoors) are bad options. Close your bedroom door. Close the windows. Open your laptop. And make sure you stockpiled food before Sunday arrives.

Type in the letter “n” on your preferred browser (please download Chrome if you’re using Safari or Explorer—this will improve your life). If you’re a normal human, “Netflix” should be auto-filled in the URL bar almost immediately. Hit enter. You’ve made it to your destination. You have arrived. You will be entertained.

But now you are overwhelmed. You are surrounded by so much mediocrity. How will you decide what to watch? This is where I come in. I understand how important your Netflix efficiency is to you—so I have spent the time to suggest a few gems.


The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt—For those of you who feel trapped by your thesis. This is the show for you. This comedy details the story of a young woman who moves to New York City after spending many years locked away in a bunker. For those of you writing theses, this should remind you that there is hope. And that you will be free. And that when you do emerge from your thesis cave, the world will be different. (Also—Tina Fey is the producer…)


Jane the Virgin—For those of you who feel trapped by the lack of mainstream telenovelas. Free yourselves from the stereotypical melodramas (see Grey’s Anatomy) and embark on a journey with Jane. JTV strikes a balance of being true to the telenovela style while also making fun of itself and the exaggerations that are inherent to the style. This kind of self-aware comic style makes the show binge-able—an important trait for a cold Sunday Netflix-cation.


Friends—For those of you who are just late to the party.


Grey’s Anatomy—For those of you who need an excuse to forget your problems and enter the world of Shondaland. This show will take you through ups and downs and eminently binge-watchable. With eleven seasons and endless drama, this show will take you from crisis to crisis. It does not hurt that the doctors are all incredibly pretty. (Also, a healthy dose of Shonda is good for the soul).


Parks and Recreation—For those of you who need to laugh. Skip Season 1. After the first season of this hysterical comedy concluded, the writers and producers decided they had to step up their game. The ensemble cast, led by Amy Poehler, will make you laugh nonstop.


Grace and Frankie—For those of you who wonder what life would be like if you married someone who was incapable of being into you physically. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin (Miss Frizzle) play two frienemies who find out that their husbands are in love with each other. The two women could not be more different. But they are unfortunately forced to share a house.


These shows should definitely keep you diverse viewers entertained and warm this Valentine’s Day! Good luck and good hunting!


Dakota Santana-Grace’16 ( is currently pondering why caution signs are yellow.