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Introducing Our 2015 Summer Blog

The Indy is proud to present its 2015 Summer Bloggers. As usual, the Indy is here to provide you with witty insights, in-depth social commentary, and unique perspectives. Our summer bloggers are all over the world doing amazing things from traveling through Asia, to working at big-name tech companies. Check our blog every week to read about their adventures!


Willy XiaoNQWEinAbF6JPwyc8chhrDo2bOokJ26bEkcYfFWQuwuE
Willy Xiao ’16 ( is an engineer with an attitude. As a summer tech intern, he commits most days to staring at a computer screen of function-definitions and hash-tables. Most of his writing comes as snake_case_variable_names, and most of his talking involves cursing the ancestral lineage of the various bugs in his code. This blog gives him a chance to express himself in a way that is slightly more productive for the world and to disclose, as far as his 6-point non-disclosure agreement allows, what a summer at an all-inclusive internship in Silicon Valley is like.


Sali YivrSEqpOn3oH4PKscCaZ_TdoYmSJh5s3KNHRyme_vEBQ

Sali ( is a sophomore in Currier House planning to concentrate in African American Studies and Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality. She grew up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Buffalo, New York, but hates the cold. You can listen to her on WHRB 95.3 FM as a DJ for TDS (rap, hip hop, and EDM) and Classical music, watch funny videos she writes for Satire V and On Harvard Time, or follow her (food) Instagram at @meowsali to see what she’s eating live (don’t worry she doesn’t do filters). This quote from a comment on one of her Instagram pictures sums up her life: “You have a food obsession similar to mine, yet, you’re not afraid to flaunt it. Go girl! How are you not 500lbs???”



Melinda Limelinda

Melinda Li ( will be staying in her small, suburban shoreline hometown of East Lyme, Connecticut this summer. She will be relaxing, marathon-watching Gossip Girl and House of Cards on Netflix, reading, and going on spontaneous adventures. She will also be doing a lot of photo-shoots and writing what she hopes to be her first feature-length screenplay.



Peyton Fineimageedit_2_6135481949

Peyton ( hails from New Orleans and finds himself far from home this summer, missing all that the South has to offer, especially the soul food and the sports culture. He is spending the next few weeks on campus at Harvard attempting to wrangle computer code into working programs and tourists in and out of Harvard Yard. He is looking forward to a summer full of adventures both in and out of the classroom. He is hoping the summer will grant him time to reflect on sports, Harvard, life, and anything in between.  His passions stretch far outside of computer programming to baseball fields, fried foods, and long walks on the beach. Just kidding on the last one…but ladies, I’m free if you like what you read.


Yehong ZhuL23RltwSubwU2hquFkBSQ4ya7ZGt9A_HKD9USV5sdlU

Yehong Zhu ‘18 ( is a rising sophomore in Mather House. In addition to blogging for the Harvard Independent, she is a staff writer for the Harvard Crimson and Her Campus Harvard, an analyst for the Harvard College Consulting Group, and an attacker on the Harvard Women’s Club Lacrosse team. Over the summer she will be frolicking across two continents, hitting Beijing and Luoyang on her trip to China and Milan and Siena on her Harvard Summer School program in Italy. Her interests include moonlighting as a street violinist, dancing relentlessly to ear-splitting EDM, and philosophizing at length about life and the meaning of the universe. Follow her on Twitter @YehongZhu.


Denise KwongCongressman Babin Pres Scholar

Denise ( is an idealist, adventurer and people-watcher with an insatiable urge to pull pranks on those with a good sense of humor. A thrill seeker at heart, Denise openly embraces the saying “variety is the spice of life,” and is on a personal quest to explore a little of everything that the world has to offer. As an environmentalist and feminist, Denise advocates for conservation and equality and thrives on visionary (yet romantic) plans to change the world. Denise is a Texan through and through, and when she’s not saying “y’all,” she loves talking strategy, reading self-help books, geocaching, and immersing herself in the great outdoors through hiking or scuba diving.



Jackie Ho8HtNqwA8azxeQxgBJItBH2sZZdCnl4m5NMdSK_3Ii2o

Jackie ( is from the great city of Toronto (you know–the city that isn’t the capital of Canada). She’s awful at biography writing. If you asked her what she loves to do, she would say that she loves to dance in the dark when no one is watching, take the second-to-last chocolate chip cookie, and read book series out of order. If you wanted to look for her, she is most likely hiding behind her camera lens, riding public transit, at the zoo, or curled up in bed with her phone. If you asked for her favorite time of day, she would say 4am because either she is sleeping or has three hours left to finish a project. One day, Jackie hopes to travel the world and work in either conservation or healthcare.