What type of Harvard Football Fan are you?



The Indy tests your Harvard Football Affiliation.

1) How athletic are you?

A) You have excellent quads from droppin’ it to the floor
B) You have a good arm from years of playing beer pong
C) You have killer biceps from years of lifting weights
D) You have excellent wrists from years of writer’s cramp

2) Who is Tim Murphy?

A) Your future father-in-law
B) I don’t know…who are you?
C) The Thomas Stephenson Family Coach for Harvard Football
D) The person who you need to interview for an article

3) If we were to look around your room, what would you find a lot of on the floor?

A) You don’t know what is on your floor because you usually end up in someone
else’s room
B) Crushed beer cans
C) Sweaty red warm up pants
D) Old issues of the Indy

4) What do you wear to game day?

A) A neon mini skirt and a pinnie with your favorite player’s number
B) A Harvard sweatshirt and your favorite flask
C) A freshly polished helmet, jersey, and golden pants
D) A Harvard sweatshirt and a Harvard Independent baseball cap

5) Where can you be found during The Game?

A) You are in bed getting beauty sleep for all the post-game parties
B) In the student section of the stadium
C) On the field
D) The stadium seats closest to the field

If you answered….

Mostly A’s: You are a Gold Pants Biddie. When you play the field, it has nothing to do with sports. You have also memorized this week’s article on dating players by position.

Mostly B’s: You are a Tailgate Hero. You may not know much about sports, but you do know how to have a good time. Your game plan involves finding all the best booze at the student tailgates.

Mostly C’s: You are a member of the Harvard Football team. ‘Nuff said. ostly D’s: You are a sports writer for the Harvard Independent. You love sports, but you don’t have the athletic ability to play them. Your skills are best suited for conducting interviews, making witty remarks, and writing kick-butt sports articles.

Shaquilla Harrigan ’16 (sharrigan01@college) feels that this quiz can unlock the
deepest parts of your psyche.